Wide.. wider!

Wide angles, you have heard me say it before, rock.

I mean 16mm focal length on a full frame camera, or 10mm on a crop camera. Take these sample shots from a wedding I shot yesterday:

All those, you will agree, are somewhat unconventional – my style. But you will also, I hope, agree that wide angles are fun – they introduce extreme perspective; depth; diagonals; and interest.

You will also, I hope, notice off-centre composition (the “rule of thirds”) and a good mix between flash light and ambient light; also a good mix between sharp and blurred elements in each image.

My advice: try to go wide for intetest: see what it does for you.


3 thoughts on “Wide.. wider!

  1. To tripod or not to tripod that is the question-wondering when it is best to tripod the camera to get the best shot and why as opposed to hand held..do you get greater saturation ever by using s tripod against handheld?

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