Today I teach DSLR courses at Vistek in Mississauga.

There are open spots, so if you have always wanted a refresher, head on over.. 10AM bascs, 2pm advanced. Both are good: I recommend you do both. see the list, and sign up, here – or just turn up.

Why am I excited about this? Because these courses are my own, they are good, and buying an SLR is nothing unless you learn how to use it, and I can teach you.

Starting with these simple three tips of the day:

  • While it is not strictly necessary to turn off your camera before changing lenses, memory cards, etc, I still recommend it. Because it is good practice, but also because on most DSLR cameras, when you turn off/on, the camera attempts to clean the sensor. And the more sensor cleanings, the better.
  • Charge your LiIon battery daily. Let it run down every month or so – not strictly necessary either, but not a bad idea, and the camera can tell more accurately how full the battery is.
  • Use the viewfinder, not the back of the camera – and make sure the eyepiece is set to your eyesight. The diopter adjustment is meant for this purpose (now you have something to google or look up in your manual!).

Not rocket science, but often, small tips make you a more efficient photographer, so you can concentrate on the really important stuff: moment, composition, and light.


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  1. Hi Michael…hope the seminars at Vistek went well. I’m looking forward to the Flash seminar next weekend. Also want to post so I could put my new blog on here…not sure if this means others that see this can link to see pictures I post there…just one for now…from a trip to NYC a few weeks ago…but there’ll be more…much more maybe. Comments and criticisms will always be welcome.

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