A rainy day means you can take no photos.

Scrap that. A rainy day is great. A few examples, from a few hours ago in Toronto:

That was at Torontos Distillery District, where the “To Find A Muser” exhibit is on this month (www.michaelsmuse.com).

  • Underexpose, make it look as dark as it is. Colours will look saturated. A rain scene si dark, so make it look dark.
  • White balance may want to be “Cloudy”. Or do it afterward, as long as you shoot RAW.
  • Or “expose to the right” and underexpose in postproduction (which is what I do, to decrease noise even further).
  • Kee the pics simple.
  • Look for reflections.
  • Wipe your camera with a cloth when it gets wet.
  • Look for nice reflections, nice surfaces, raindrops.

When you do that, you will get wonderful photos even in “bad”weather – which is really good weather for photographers.

These were from today. I got wet, but my camera was fine and the pictures make a very nice change.

I used the TS-E 45 tilt-shift lens to be able to shoot at f/2.8 an still keep the pictures sharp from foreground to background. Else you may have to go to a higher ISO or use a tripod.

I recommend you always try to shoot them. You may be surprised by the evocative images you get: rain moves us and its mood is good to get down into an image.


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