Summer Snapshot tips

Since the weather in Toronto is so beautiful, I though I would give you a few tips for the summer and snapshots.

  1. Be prepared: Battery charged 100%; lens cap removed; lens hood on!
  2. Expose the background properly – and often, to avoid blown-out skies that means slightly underexpose it. Then use flash, if needed, to fill in the foreground.
  3. You can also use a polarizer.
  4. Use the Rule of Thirds (look it up here if you need).
  5. Simplify your pictures. In the snap above, I am doing that by tilting. You can also do it by zooming in, getting closer, blurring the background, changing your position, etc.
  6. Consider wide angle lenses – 10mm on your crop camera gives you a picture like the above.
  7. For depth in your images, use that wide angle and get close to something. Anything. Even an orange.
  8. Think about your composition, not the tech stuff. That should be automatic.
  9. Always think: “where is the light”. This is a key question you should ask before you take any photo, every time.
  10. Have fun and shoot a lot, while always thinking these thoughts.

Now go out and take some snaps… reinvigorate yourself as a photographer. I may do the same today.


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