Another snap tip!

Another Summer Snap tip: shoot detail. Even detail that you are not sure you will be using, like the shots below. I took those yesterday while walking from my car to the Kodiak Gallery, where my exhibit is on (see until the end of the month.

You take detail shots to add back story but also to get phootd of patterns, textures, etc that you may want to use for something later. I bet I;ll use some of these.

All were taken with the 45mm tilt-shift lens on the 1Ds Mark III body. That’s much like a “nifty fifty”, a 50mm lens on a full frame (or a 35mm on your crop cameras).

I could go on (and I did). The point is clear, not just snaps of smiley people. And also – I used manual exposure and manual focus for all these. Just saying: the simplest camera/lens can be just fine!


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