1Dx New Function

One function I have had on Nikon bodies, and which Canon has now added to the 1Dx body, and very well indeed, is the “multiple exposure” function.

I can take several functions and put them together. I get to choose how; here I chose “two shots” and “additive”. I then put the camera on a tripod, told it to shoot one stop too dark (because I will be adding two shots!), and shot this:

Then without moving the camera I shot this:

Then the camera put them together for me:


But why not do it in Photoshop?

Well… first, you would have to do it in Photoshop, which is work. More importantly, the camera actually makes a new RAW file, not just a JPG, so if I need, I get to adjust it the way I can adjust any other image.

I can see that I can have fun with this. The “how to add” options include bright, dark, additive, and average. The number of exposures can be set also. I can decide whether or not to keep the originals as well. And to do this in the 1Dx brings me back to film days, but better.

And of course if you do not have a camera that can do this, you can do it in Photoshop. Have you ever done this? Can you find cool uses for it?

Here’s another one, a ghost.

Have fun making your own.


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