Disaster Averted

I just took off my 70-200 mm lens. And Oh Dear… what did I almost miss?

All the screws holding the base on were loose, ready to fall out. All four of them!

Solution is simple: a screwdriver.

Disaster averted. It was ready to fall off!

I recommend you all feel your lenses for looseness at the base, and if they are a little loose, check the screws. In fact – check the screws anyway. Especially on the 70-200, but I shall now go check all my 7 lenses.

PS: photos taken with 1Dx at 32,000 ISO. Yes, 32000!


2 thoughts on “Disaster Averted

  1. Hi Michael….pleasure meeting you at NSI last week although I was in another class we managed to have a few discussions outside……..and sent you a small story re parking lot

    William Grice

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