Stuff happens.

I thought it would be worth pointing out – I have had three photographers contact me in a recent week with tales of lost images due to lacking backups. Three “OH NO this cannot be happening to me!” events. Yes, this stuff really happens.

Re-read my post about backups late July.  And remember: Always have each image in two or more places.

  • I do this from the very start of the process. This is why I have cameras that take two memory cards, so each image gets written to both.
  • Never delete the memory cards until backups are secure.
  • Make backups the moment you have your images on the drive they live on. Not later, or tonight, but now.
  • Verify your backups regularly.
  • Avoid proprietary mechanisms that need proprietary hardware or software. Your backups should be easy to access.
  • Make backups that go to off-site locations. You do not want a burglary or a lightning strike to wipe out all your work.
  • Format your memory cards every time before use.
  • If a card ever gives you trouble – discard it. No questions, just discard it.
  • Refresh old backups regularly – at least yearly.

I thought it might be worth pointing this out again… losing your work sucks, and it is usually avoidable. Just thought I would point this out again.


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