The Dutch are a seafaring nation and I spent many days sailing, as a kid.

The last few weeks I have been lucky enough to go sailing with some very nice new friends. I am going to share a few of the photos I made last night.

First, for shots in the boat, and for shots showing “wide” landscapes use a wide angle lens. You get that “world wrapped around your subject” feeling, as in this shot of Lucy:

Can you see in the image above that The Speedlighter Strikes Again? if not, here is an even more clear example: I made the boat stand out like an almost ghostly apparition:

For that, I exposed the background dark, and use my flash, zoomed manually to 135mm, to light the boat.

I also made sure I got enough setting sun:

As well as background objects of interest:

And the sunset itself. Sailing is great for photography becuase there is no foreground clutter!

The skies were cloudy. I love clouds with wide angles.

And as you saw in picture three, I also like the long view. Here’s Toronto again:

Lessons from the shott:

Hope for interesting skies. Expose the background well. I used manual mode for everything. Light up close objects with flash. Use wide angles but also bring a long telephoto lens.

I’ll share one more:

Tropics? Nope, Lake Ontario. Speedlighting rocks.



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