Rumour debunked

Staff in several photography stores have been mistakenly saying that the Canon 600EX flash cannot be used as a master with 430EX slaves.

Wrong. It certainly can. Proof:

A 430EX acting as slave to the 600EX on my camera.

The 600EX has both radio-controlled remote abilities, and light-controlled abilities like the previous generation. You can choose which type to use: set it to light control and it’s just like a 580EX flash.

Rumour debunked, I hope.

One thought on “Rumour debunked

  1. Probably a rumor caused by someone not reading carefully enough, or mixing up what they read. The new ST-E3-RT cannot be used as a master with either the 430 EX II or 580 EX II.

    “*Because it does not have an optical transmission function, the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT is not compatible with earlier Speedlite models such as 580EX II. “

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