This Week in Photo

Catch me being interviewed at length – for an hour – in Episode 275 of the world’s premier – and best -photo podcast:  This Week in Photo: – go check it out, and subscribe to TWIP if you haven’t yet. Well worth the weekly listen!
The link to the episode is here:

4 thoughts on “This Week in Photo

  1. Hey Michael,
    Nice interview with TWIP. I am a follower of your blog and an avid listener of the podcast so it was a nice surprise to hear you on the show. At first I didn’t realize it was you in the interview until the very end when Frederick mentioned your name again. So I listened to the whole interview again (I do that sometimes to make sure I absorb everything). I didn’t realize you had an accent (French Canadian?) but its great. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the discussion and it was fun to hear your words of wisdom.

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