Update notes

A few software update notes for you today.

Software and firmware updates can be important. They can even be fun. But are they always necessary?

  1. If you use Lightroom, as I hope you do, then do update to version 4.2. (Yes, Aperture is good too).
  2. Always do printer driver updates when they are presented by your PC or Mac as options.
  3. Regularly check the firmware level on your camera. Just google “Firmware update for XXX camera”. If there is new firmware, check its functions: I always do all updates – but not until a week after the new firmware is released, just in case. Use a 100% full battery for these, and be patient. It can take time.
  4. Do not update your PC or Mac operating system on production machines. The OS update could break important things. I usually wait until I have a spare machine, update that, test it against all my software, and only then update the machine – if at all.

If you follow these simple rules, you will get new functions, bugfixes, but with the minimum of trouble. Life is too short for trouble!


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