Not Immediately Obvious

In a good photo, it is often good to not make your message too obvious. It is better to “talk without saying much”. A photo like this, taken yesterday, “model reading book”, is often more effective in conveying a situation or mood than an explicit image that tries to lay it all out:

Make the viewer put it together. That way the image is much more effective. In the case of the image above, the image benefits from the following elements:

  • Black and white.
  • Blurred subject, while foreground is sharp.
  • Face not visible.
  • Rule Of Thirds composition.
  • Action (“what is happening here”) is not immediately obvious.

The “not immediately obvious” is key. Are your images always immediately obvious? Like “Spouse Standing in front of Eiffel Tower Smiling at Camera”? Then I suggest you may try some of these techniques to make them more interesting.



1 thought on “Not Immediately Obvious

  1. While I get your point… I’m thinking… “Spouse laying naked on bed reading book” is not going to be quite as popular with spouse as “Spouse on Vacation in France”… just guessing!

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