Anyone have a double A?

I am often asked “Why do you use the oldfashioned Pocketwizard IIs, Michael? Why not the new ones, or a cheaper smaller Korean or Taiwanese version?”

When I use wireless flash transmitters, like Pocketwizards, or when I use any other battery-powered equipment, two things matter.

  1. Are they reliable? They need to be 100% reliable – I cannot have things malfunction when I am shooting.
  2. Are they tried and tested? If everyone uses a certain type of equipment, it is likely that this is trustworthy equipment.
  3. Do they use ordinary batteries? I am not a fan of special batteries.

The latter point is big for me; as big as the former points. Any equipment that uses funny cell batteries – i.e. expensive, hard to find batteries that last for days, not months – is a no-no in my book. Pocketwizard IIs use ordinary AA batteries.

And if there are three things in life that are certain , they are death, taxes, and the availability of AA batteries.


1 thought on “Anyone have a double A?

  1. All valid points Michael… it probably doesn’t hurt that LPA Design has tried very hard to ensure compatibility among the entire Pocketwizard line. They seem very proud of the fact that their newest models work just fine with stuff you bought from them in the ’90s. I’ve never seen a $39 ebay special that can make that claim.

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