Shake It Up

A quick pic of the day, taken today:

Yes, you can have fun and shake it up!

Of course I used studio lights for this photo (I am shooting Santa pics at Hopedale Place Mall, every day until Christmas Eve). And I am working all day and sending emails out part of the night.

So tonight, because it has been very busy, let me just share a little reminder with you of camera settings:


  • Manual exposure mode
  • f/8
  • 1/125th sec
  • 100 ISO
  • Manual flash

Indoors flash, as in parties and malls:

  • Manual exposure mode
  • The Willems 444 rule: 400 ISO, 1/40th second, f/4
  • Flash on the camera aimed backward (or pop-up activated).
  • TTL flash

Those will get you going. For the rest, ask me about the still abaiable Christmas Training Gift Certificates.

Back to regular programming soon!

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