New Macbook…

My MacBook Pro died yesterday, in the middle of a shoot. So this morning I quickly bought a new MacBook Pro (Retina screen, 15″) and then proceeded to the Santa shoot; installed Lightroom; and the shoot continued.

Great stuff, but a new MacBook shows me some Apple problems. The MBAs are taking over, so Apple is doomed, unless Mr Ives fixes things. Like:

  • I cannot set the screens to not mirror from the top bar anymore.
  • iTunes is a terrible kludge: just a vessel for sales and advertising that needs a degree to sort out.
  • iCloud ditto… like my dead laptop: how do I “de-authorize” it? You can de-authorize a working computer, but a dead one? No idea how!
  • iWeb, the world’s only proper GUI web app, is no longer downloadable – it’s been killed. All my web sites are made with it. There’s no other app I know of that is as easy.

That’s just for a start: there’s much more. Apple makes great hardware, but many apps are iffy, and the good (not for dummy) apps are killed. Wow. Apple is becoming IBM.

Regular teaching posts will continue after the end of tomorrow’s Santa shoot!


2 thoughts on “New Macbook…

  1. I’ve got a 2009 macbook now running Mountain Lion, and I’ve never been able to set the screens to not mirror from the top bar — I thought it was always an option that was exclusive to the system preferences pane.

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