Group Shot Tips

Today, let me share a few tips fror group shots, like the pne I took af the Royal Posh/Wedding Café opening on Saturday:

A photo like that works best if you:

  • Stand on something high – else, row 2 and further disappear behind the heads of row 1.
  • Use simple light – two umbrellas, or as in this case, one flash bounced off a white sheet held up behind me.
  • Direct. Be loud and clear and tell people what you expect.
  • Focus on someone in the centre row.
  • Tell everyone that if they can not see the camera clearly, it cannot see them clearly.
  • Take several shots – 3-5 is a good umber – in case of blinkers.

Do not forget to get fun expressions also:

You may or may not use them, and I often do, but in any case, they lighten the mood!


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