An old refrain!

Backup. Backup. Backup.

As you know, I do make backups, and good thing too. My Lightroom library disappeared, or rather, became corrupted. But no worries, I have good backups at all times. Disaster averted. Plus, my Lightroom writes little XML files, so again, no disaster if it had been lost.

I bought two new 4TB disk drives recently, mail order from Tiger Direct online. One works. One worked for 20 minutes. Not a big deal, but a refund or exchange in store is not possible: now I need to wait for someone to pick up the drive:

Hi Sir,

We do apologize for the inconvenience.
We open a ticket here for Truck Pick up request meaning they will pick up the defective item to your address.
They will schedule the pick up and they will contact you to notify.
This is the best way to expedite the return.

Thank you for understanding.

Anna Ortua
Customer Advocate

Perhaps next time, just buy in the store, or buy from Best Buy, whose store and e-store are more integrated. Just a thought. But whatever you do, always have backups, and multiple backups. I told you, remember that!

2 thoughts on “An old refrain!

  1. Multiple backups, indeed. Those have saved me so, so many times.

    Tiger is great for cables, not so much for anything with moving parts. I’ve pretty much given up on them on account of:
    – “New” Toshiba optical player, on sale, official Toshiba Canada logos everywhere, “Toshiba authorized reseller” in the window. Died after a few months, Toshiba said “sorry, they’re not an authorized dealer, that’s old grey-market stuff that we don’t support”.
    – Hard disk, ordered online, system confirmed that it was in stock, got an email three days later saying “sorry, we ran out of those at that price, but we can sell it to you next week for twice as much.”
    Local stores for the win…. the last time Canada Computers sold me something bad, the manager drove to my office to pick up the cranky server and fixed it the same night.

    • Matt: agreed. This will probably be my last Tiger Direct order. Plus, I spent forever trying to underdstand the customer service agent in the Philippines: bad English, bad line, much background chatter.

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