That’s correct.

The new Lightroom has an auto perspective correction function, but the current Lightroom 4 has this too – you just have to do it yourself.

Imagine that you have to shoot a building facade like this, and you happen to not have your tilt-shift lens – or you don’t have a tilt shift lens:

We are aiming both sideways and up, so the lines are distorted, and the distortion is both apparent and annoying. A snapshot!

Enter Lightroom “Lens Corrections”. Go to the DEVELOP module, and in the LENS CORRECTIONS pane, select MANUAL. Now set to taste, and combine this with rotating:

Now with a few seconds’ back and forth, and an extra crop, I see this rather pleasing image:

Building Façade (Photo: Michael Willems Photographer,

Yes, of course you shoot in camera when you can. But when you cannot, then Lightroom and similar tools are the bees’ knees – once you learn to use them.

If you hire a photographer, ensure that he or she knows too: this kind of “post” work is one of the differences between a cheap photographer and one who delivers quality work.


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Michael Willems Photographer,


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