This blog is about photography, not just about cameras. So just for fun, today here’s a few random shots from me, all taken in the last few years. Just to show that regardless of modes and other technical issues, you can get interesting photos anywhere, if you just keep your eyes open.

The roof in a downtown office/mall building:

Next, outdoors, an edited picture from a single RAW file. We like reflections…!

A Rickards Red beer, in an outdoors bar the day before yesterday…:

And here’s me, at an art exhibit I held at The Distillery last year, with my model in the background:

And finally, an image I really like, of a group of people (are they Russian, I wonder?) playing chess in a church garden:

That image almost screams to be black and white, doesn’t it?

And finally, a studio shot of a few years ago, a girl smoking a Cuban cigar (yes, in Canada we are allowed to smoke those: our government does not tell us what cigars we are and are not allowed to smoke):

All these are snaps in the sense they are pretty simple in technical terms. But they are not snaps in any other sense: these images show me somethings about Toronto. For me, they show a snapshot of my life as it was in the past year or two.

Time travel, which is all a photo can do, and when a photo does this for you, it is a successful image.

And never forget, you need the techie stuff I teach in this blog, it is essential; but you are here for photography, not for that techie stuff. Learn the techie stuff so that it goes away for you: if you know it, it stops taking a significant part of your mindshare. It’s a means, not an end.


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