Dramatic portraits

Why is my portrait style dramatic? Because it’s my style and I like it. And because I want to emphasize my subject. And because I like saturated colour. And because I like to be the boss of the light. Those four reasons.

Here’s the back yard I am at, this morning.

And now I come. I do my thing.

  • ISO to 100
  • Shutter to 1/250th
  • Aperture to what I need to get a dark background (f/11 in this case)
  • Flash power to match those (full power, direct flash about 5ft away from me)

And that gives me what I have in mind.

Much more my style. And by the way, as always, to judge an image, view at full size -in my case, by clicking on the image and then selecting full size and if needed, clicking on the magnifying glass.


You can learn this too. Benefit from the many learning opportunities: NSI next month, private courses by me in Oakville all the time, 24/7, courses in Hamilton and Oakville as per cameratraining.ca, and courses at Vistek, just for a start. But better: get enough people together and I’ll fly to you anywhere in the world and teach you all about flash for a day.


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