I am often asked “what lens to buy”. One answer: rent. Renting a lens for a few days allows you to try it out risk-free and pressure-free.

Typical long lens photo (70-200mm f/2.8 lens)


And renting is possible almost everywhere, especially in North America. In Ontario, for instance, you have Henrys/Headshots and Vistek as two good options.

But a new third option also sounds interesting: GTA Lens rentals. Interesting especially because prices are lower, and they stock exactly the Canon (and Nikon) lenses (and a few third party lenses) that you are most likely to want to try out – all the pro lenses I own in fact, and then some. Worth a try, and I am going to rent the 85mm f/1.2 every now and then  -my favourite Canon lens, and the one I do not own yet!


2 thoughts on “Rent!

  1. I have always used – they send it out to you via mail and goes back the same way – and their prices are great – so is customer service.

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