Equipment Pays

I made pro portraits of people last weekend. The setup was a large strobe with a softbox, and a Canon 1Dx camera with a 24-70 f/2.8L lens.

That gives me this kind of shot (this is a self-portrait to test):

But it is not until you view this at real pixel level that you see how great this kind of equipment is. Even in this picture, which was slightly back focused (it is impossible to focus accurately on yourself), look at the hairs around my ear, and at the towel:

But better still, look at this small cut from a picture of one of the people pictured:

Now click on that, and then select “full size”, and if necessary on your computer, click on any “+” buttons to view this at its actual size (of 1200+ pixels wide). Then you see how incredibly sharp this is. Basically, DNA level.

So when you think your “kit”-lens does OK, or your iPhone does OK – that is true when viewed small. But when viewed large, or better, when printed (and you really should print your photos!) then the difference between basic equipment and professional gear really shows up. I wish I could show you all these photos on my large

And that is one reason (one of many) to have your portrait made by a pro.

Other reasons are the printing itself – when I print for you, I make “giclée” prints, using permanent pigments on non-fading acid-free museum-grade paper. Not Wal-mart prints that, while they only cost a few dollars, will discolour and fade after just a few years – let alone decades.

Please – have me or some other pros make your portraits. We are only on this earth once, and the older “us”, as well as the generations after us, should be able to recall you as you are today. I have only a few photos of myself as a child. In fact just one, I think. As I said in the workshop I taught the same day: it’s the only time travel we will only do. What’s a few dollars to keep your “today’s self” frozen in time forever?


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