Learn Photography – what and how?

Learning photography entails more than just knowing the camera, but it starts there.

Look at a few photos to get you in the mood:

Rule of Thirds, by Michael Willems

These, and all other photos that are worth looking at, rely on you to know a whole bunch of stuff:

  1. The camera and its operation, modes and menus
  2. Basic photography: Aperture, Shutter, ISO
  3. Lenses and their use
  4. Supporting tools (from light meters and pocket wizards to light stands and tripods)
  5. Flash
  6. Computer techniques
  7. Light and colour, in general
  8. Composition
  9. A little history and art
  10. People.

And then mix at all together and practice.

A CURIOUS OBSERVATION: Men usually start at 1 and work their way down; women tend to start at the bottom and work their way up. And guess what? I don’t care which approach you take. You need both for consistently good pictures.

And it is easier than you think. Which is why I help:

  • Here on www.speedlighter.ca. Read back to the start, and learn everything I know in bits. All I ask is: tell all your friends.
  • By buying and reading and practicing my two photography ebooks.
  • On photo walks like my August 25 walk: maximum ten students, so book soon.
  • Aug 18-22 you get the chance to learn from me in a very intensive 5-day workshop at the annual Niagara School of Imaging, held at Brock University. There are still a few spots open: book now if you dig flash as much as I do.
  • By coming to one of my courses in Hamilton and Oakville: www.cameratraining.ca
  • By doing private training, the best way to get there quickly.

Take advantage of these opportunities and make your life last forever by creating great art.

And I have a special offer for you to help you get started: Until the end of September I offer a two hour individual portfolio review and general review of strengths and weaknesses (and help with the latter) for $99 (normally, $190) plus tax. You can do this at my Oakville location or via the Internet using Skype/Google. Simply pay via e-transfer or via http://www.michaelwillems.ca and send me an email to pick your time (24/7 in principle). You will find this an excellent way to kick start your photography!


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  1. Funny observation. 🙂

    Interesting offer… how many photos should there be in a portfolio (online) to have an efficient review?

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