Spot Visualization

You know those sensor dust spots?

Yeah, I hate them too. When you shoot a sky at a small aperture like f/11, you will see them, sensor cleaning notwithstanding. They’re always there, like little poltergeists that are there to upset you and destroy your images. Modern sensor-cleaning cameras are a little better, but nevertheless, even when 99% of the dust is removed, that leaves the other 1%.

And that is enough. If you look carefully at this, full-sized (keep clicking), you will see some, e.g. top right.

But Lightroom comes to the rescue. In the DEVELOP module, at the top, select the clone/healing tool, set it to healing, and now at the bottom, activate “Visualize Spots”.

You see no spots? Drag the slider at the bottom to the right so you see them all:


OK, now that you see them, zap them all:

Now go back to normal view, and your image is cleaner than clean. Here;’s my final version (again, for best effect, as with all pictures here, click through to see large):

No dust. Thank heavens.


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