More Chances To Learn!

Great news for “area residents” (as The Onion would put it): more chances to learn from me in person!

I have just scheduled:

  1. A special all-evening Flash course on 3 Oct;
  2. A five-evening basic photography course, starting Oct 2, aimed at novice to intermediate users who want to learn to use their DSLR properly once and for all.

These courses are very special in that they are like private coaching: I will only take up to 5 students for each course. The Flash course includes the Pro Flash Manual, and the five-evening course includes course materials and homework.

Both are now available for signing up on – see the flash course details on this page.

Also, more Oakville courses as well as all-new Hamilton Studio dates will be announced soon. Let me know if you have particular wishes, so that I can keep these in mind when designing the schedule.


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