Portraits tonight

I did some portraits tonight, of a legal team. I used the 85mm f/1.2 lens that I once again obtained for the day from GTAlensrentals.com.

I used a white paper background, and three Bowens strobes: a key light with a softbox; a fill light with an umbrella; and a hair light with a snoot.

Here, that is what this gives me at f/8 and 1/125th second at 100 ISO (that is what I set the three lights to):

And the same in B/W:

See them full size to see how crazy sharp this lens is.

And then I can add some film grain:

And my favourite:

The prime lens helped enforce consistency, and it was ridiculously sharp. I also used the 70-200, my other favourite lens. But that 85/1.2 is something else. Rent it for a few days to try it out.


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