Evening worthwhile

So… the art award evening, held in the Grand Ballroom of the local conference centre just now, just now went well:

Yes, I won the 2013 Cogeco “Stars Among Us” Digital Art Award.

I am hugely honoured for several reasons. First, I am humbled by the company I am in: other finalists in the various categories included renowned authors, university professors, poets, and great creative artists. And the other two finalists in my category (“digital arts”, meaning photography and video) were very, very good: I was surprised to be chosen over them.

The work I submitted consisted of nudes, and a few sailing and other recent images: wall art, ready to hang. I had a bunch, as you see:

As a creative artist, I know my work is good, or I would give up. And yet, knowing that others also value it is great validation. And the cash prize helps. And the publicity will help. And business will result from this. But above all, knowing that my work pleases others is reward in itself. That’s why you do it – right?

See some of my prints on www.michaelsmuse.com


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  1. Michael, I’m not at all surprised on the selection. A well deserved “winner”. Congratulations and Happy Thanksgiving!

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