Is. Important.

And to get consistency, you usually want to do things manually in photography.

I shot a wedding show I exhibited at, on Sunday. Here’s my micro booth:

And here’s the kind of thing I shot:

And so yes, you can bounce in a big hall. But you may need 1600 ISO at f/2.8 at 1/125th second, that kind of thing. Which is what I used for that shot.

And then there was the show – again, all with bounced flash:

But here, I found TTL metering let me down a little. The bride shots were a little inconsistent. Metering off all these different moving things, with white dresses; well, that can happen.

So that is when you think to yourself: go manual flash, too. After all, I am not moving and the runway isn’t moving, so the inverse square law is not going to get in my way. So I popped the flash into “M” (manual) mode and from experience, guessed 1/2 power would work. A quick check on the back (and the histogram) told me this was correct – so I shot all the other runway shots in that mode with that power setting, and hence they were all identical (and good).

Including this one:

Yes, much fun was had.


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