You know why I want people, and especially my students, to know all about flash? Because you never know when it will be needed.

Take this shot, from the wonderful wedding of Stephanie and David on Saturday:

That nice fire in the fireplace, with its warm glow? The bride wanted the fireplace. And so we turned it on, of course.

Yeah right. There was no turning on – not possible. So that is a 430EX speedlight fitted with a snoot and a rust-colored gel (both Honl photo).

Same here:

The moral of the story: flash is not always used simply “to light a dark room”. In my world, the more common world is to do something creative. Take charge of the light, including its location and colour.


2 thoughts on “Trick

  1. Hello Michael —

    Great photo composition but the bridal party in the first photo look a little distorted to me — especially the couple(s) on the ends. Is that because of the wide-angle lens you utilized?


    • Indeed, objects toward the corners get stretched. But it’s a matter of what’s acceptable, and these are within that limit. It’s not so much the lens, though: it’s really more the distance, or rather, proximity.

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