Real Estate Tip

Warning: do not look at because it is extremely dangerous to your health. Laughing so hard that your stomach muscles cramp up can cause lasting damage, even heart attacks. These images are hilarious.

So today, a quick tip or two about Real Estate photos.

Do not shoot snapshots. One way to avoid them is to not shoot from eye level.

This was shot from eye level, using the wide lens you need for real estate photography:

As you see: diverging verticals and worse, a snapshot look.

Now go down to 4-5 feet above the ground:

Much better. Be  careful that you do not look straight on to tables, and that you do not look at the bottom of kitchen cabinets, of course.

Can we go better? Sure thing. A lens needs to be wide, but not always wide all the way. The shot above is too wide. Look at that diswasher. Stretched beyond recognistion. So shoot a little less wide:

Is that perfect? No. The stools are still a little large, and the clutter is unforgivable. So this cannot be used as a real estate photo. But remove the silly yellow picture and the fridge pictures and get rid of all the clutter, and back off the chairs just a little, and it’s perfect.

And that’s just one tip for real estate photography. There’s a lot more, some other time. Or come to me for private training: it’s what I do.


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