Hide the unwanted reflections, that is.

This photo was taken -by me- in front of a window, Wednesday morning (as set for a corporate shoot: Denise was my assistant).

I lit that with an umbrella on the left, a little Honl photo softbox on the right, and later a rim light right behind. So when we started, we had this, of course:

Moving the umbrella (to the left, where there was more space) and my tripod fixed that. But the fill light was more problematic:

Solution? move the subject a little…

A little more…

There we have it. Portraits resulted:

By the way, it has been pointed out to me that my assistant, here she is again…:

…looks like the portrait below. So, is all this light stuff new?

Nope, it isn’t. The similarity in colour and composition, and the enigmatic smile.. indeed, similar.  You recall my recent post about colour? (If not, scroll down a week). That’s the importance of colour. When you check images with Google, google uses colour and tone to find “similar images”.

ADMIN NOTE: I am on my way to Europe, and posts may be sporadic for the next week. But keep checking back. And press the “like” buttons above if you like my posts.



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