It Doesn’t Work!

Let me share a some camera malfunctions that I see again and again. Some of the most common ones are also very easy to fix, fortunately.

The flash does not work properly:

  • It is set to MANUAL, not TTL
  • It is set to COMMANDER/MASTER mode.
  • Your Flash Exposure Compensation is set to a value other than zero.
  • The hot shoe/flash contacts are not totally clean. This happens rather often. Always clean them – use just a drop of water and a cloth, or whatever else you can use, and clean thoroughly.

Autofocus is not working, or it is, kinda, but there is no beep:

  • Your lens switch is set to “M” (manual only).
  • Your camera switch is set to “M” (manual only).
  • Your menu is set to “M” (manual only).
  • You are set to AF-C/AI Servo instead of AF-S/One Shot.
  • You are not aiming the active focus point(s) at a subject with lines.
  • It is too dark.
  • You are too close.
  • You have disabled the beep in the camera’s menu.
  • Your lens is not fully engaged; it did not fully CLICK when you put it on the camera.

That last one happens all the time, and it is very dangerous–because of the lens is not attached, it can fall off.

The moral of this story: When your camera doesn’t behave as planned, do not panic: it’s usually something very simple.


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