I approve.

Hey All, I have some news. There’s all-new speedlighter.ca-approved lighting modifier kits over at David Honl’s site. These give you all you need in one convenient kit.

Head on over to www.honlphoto.com/category-s/1833.htm?Click=2032 to see them and to order – yes, you get a discount, and the convenience of direct ordering from David Honl himself. And the best selected kits.As you know by now, I love the Honl lighting gear: it allows me to easily, on the road or in studio, do amazing flash work. Grids, gels, snoots, gobos, softboxes: all wonderful stuff.

And then you can easily, with just a few small flashes, do things like these. Rim lighting:

Cool portraits with great backgrounds:

Yeah… and even Duck Lips.

(But Dear Lord, think before you do.)


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