My iPad was stolen on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue tonight, after a meeting of the Photosensitive photojournalists collective. An hour later it was at the south side of an apartment building at Lawrence Ave and Weston Rd in Toronto. Thanks to Apple tracing the iPad, I knew exactly where – but Toronto Police would NOT help. “Even if it was a car with a tracking system, we would do nothing”, Toronto cops said. Thanks, Toronto Police, for nothing. Go catch speeders while you leave the thieves alone. Way to go. I just lost $1,000 and you do not care at all. Great.
Tomorrow I’ll buy a new iPad – until then, no posts, courtesy Toronto Police. Thanks. $1,000.

10 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear about that
    Sad state of affairs even with the technology to find it is there
    they can’t get it for you

  2. Thieves try something small, like a bike. They discover the cops don’t care. So they try something bigger. Again, the cops don’t care. Bigger. No response. The cycle goes on until someone steals something valuable enough that the police are forced to go after him, and now the whole criminal underground knows exactly what they can and cannot get away with…..

    • except if you’re a big, no wait huge, no wait humonguously megabig bank then it’s still free pass, at least in the good ole USA.

      Solution 1: Claim a terrorist stole it, then you’ll see the cops. lots of them

      Solution 2: Wear a Scottevest and carry the pad at all times on your person

  3. Thats disgusting. I am a police officer based in Oldham, UK. The first thing we do is track apples ourselves then go en masse and find it/arrest anyone with it. Shame on them!

    • Yes, I am very disappointed… if ever I would have needed a police officer, this would have been it. Their point blank refusal to help me reclaim my $1000 iPad will be remembered wt the time of my next speeding ticket, and I will be very hard pressed not to be rude.

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