Tomorrow night, after the Flash course, I am off to Aruba for a few days. So I am packing.

Packing what, photography-wise, you may well ask?

A camera, of course. But also a spare—the spare will, I think, be the little Fuji x100, and the main camera, the 1Dx.

Lenses? Well… the 16-35, and the 70-200 probably, or the 24-70 in its place, and one prime. Of course you can shoot with whatever you have: the trick is to shoot the kinds of things you can best shoot with the lens you have.

A tip: I usually do a Flickr search for the area I am visiting, so that I can see what I like, and I can see the EXIF data to determine what lens was used for it, if I cannot see it from the photo (which I usually can).

And a flash or two. Yes, two, for off camera flash. A few flash modifiers just in case; a few Pocketwizards too.

A tripod, naturally, for panoramas and long evening beach shots. Cloths and brushes, and even filters for on the beach, if I really must. The laptop. Power supplies and chargers. A USB cable and card reader. Business cards!

That should do it. Packing light means I can carry everything onto the aircraft in a small suitcase plus a camera bag. Indispensible and expensive stuff goes into the camera bag, just in case anyone makes me check it (the route is Toronto–Caracas–Bogota–Aruba).


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