I shoot RAW always. But today I shot JPG, in a corporate annual report shoot.

One of those started off as a JPG; one as a RAW. Can you tell the difference?

No. And that is the point: if you expose well, and need no changes, JPG is fine. It is because we don’t always shoot well and get all settings right, and because we sometimes want changes, that we shoot RAW.

So why did I shoot JPG?

Because my main memory card went south in the middle of a this all day corporate shoot. I lost the RAW pictures. Yes, cards go bad randomly sometimes.

So I used the backup pics, the JPGs I wrote onto card 2 in my 1Dx. Thank God for the dual card system.

Fun shoot, and the day was saved thanks to this camera feature.

I am so tired at 2:15Am that I cannot type. But I want ed to share this, one more time: Please, please, please make backups of everything, always. Please, please, please make backups of everything, always.Please, please, please make backups of everything, always.


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