ISO, continued

Let’s continue with the “High ISO” talk.

First, a photo mad4 with the Canon 7D at 3200 ISO. The 7D is a crop camera which is not very good at higher ISO values. And yet, 3200 ISO looks like this:

Fo comparison, here;s the Canon 1Dx, the top of the line camera, at the same setting of 3200 ISO:

Looks about the same, eh. Now let’s look at a small part of the photo at real pixel size (once you click and view it full size):

And the 1Dx at 3200 ISO:

Look at the meter and see the difference. Considerable.

But let’s look at a photo that is well lit instead of dark. First, using the 7D:

And the 1Dx:

And now the same small real pixel size (again, once you view at full size):

…and on the 1Dx:

As you see, a well lit picture does not show a lot of difference, or at least, not as clearly.

The moral: it’s not that big a deal: you can shoot at high ISO values and if the photo is well lit and you do not “pixel peep”, you’ll be just fine,. More so than you thought, I bet.


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