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I shot portraits yesterday. Some were headshots. These are sometimes challenging because you want to get great expressions out of people who are not professional models. Saying “smile” doesn’t do it.

But then, even more fun, the environmental portraits. And these should be storytelling pictures. With good group composition.  Three colleagues:

In these, as you see I like drama, so I expose for the outside. 100 ISO, 1/100 sec, f/8. Why not the usual 1/250 sec? Because that would have meant f/5, and in this case I wanted f/8 for DOF.

The story is to do with the airport, of course. And individual shots are easier: see my friend and assistant Maged yesterday as I was setting up for the shot.

Nice wrap-around light from an off-camera umbrella.

Here, another one:

The biggest challenge? The flash has a big umbrella. This is visible in almost every picture as a window reflection. And it lights up the ceiling: ditto. And I needed an angle that shows the radar tower. So in the event, I moved left and right, up and down, back and forth, and I made the light and the subject do the same, until I finally had one angle that had sufficient light in the subject and that had no umbrella showing, and only acceptable ceiling reflection. It’s always possible: I learned that long ago. But I also learned that it’s always a challenge. So: persevere.

Why not do without an umbrella?

That’s why!


2 thoughts on “Challenges in a

  1. Thanks for posting these pics, Michael. This brings up a question that has been on my mind for quite a while, but I’ve never really experimented with it.

    Though there is a time and place for them, I generally have issues with window reflections. Would using a polarizer indoors have any effect on getting rid of window reflections? Would it have any effect on reducing or removing a flash reflection in the window?

    • Todd: yes, it would minimise them, provided they are not metallic reflections. It would be a little tough in practice since the flash is not a continuous light, but it would help. However: since it would not completely remove them, you would have to do the same work avoiding the (now lesser) reflections…

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