Talking of Which…

As an aside to my appearance as guest host of TWIP in this week’s Episode 406 (, I chose Honlphoto’s Speed Grid as my product of the week. Today, an update.

First, I notice that the grid comes with its own little pouch now:

Now, I see that David Honl also has new products. One is a double rollup for the gels:

Which, when you open it, has space for lots of gels at once. I have over 50 of them in one rollup:

Another development is two new sets of gels: one with 5 different blues, and one with 5 different sets of greens; to wit, these amazing colours:

Aurora Borealis:

Lime Green:


Velvet Green:

Fern Green:

And then there’s a new little bounce card/gobo::

Cool new products. If you are interested in them, go to your local quality high street photography store or get them via this link: and enter “Willems” on the checkout page for an extra 10% discount off the published prices.


3 thoughts on “Talking of Which…

  1. I just bought 16 pc kit with a single gel rap, I guess i bought to soon! Need to discuss this for sure!

    I love this stuff, limited experience but I see the possibilities! Genius!

  2. I can’t wait for our upcoming flash course so I can feel more confident with adding something like coloured gels to the mix!

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