Why do we use an oldfashioned viewfinder instead of the screen on the back of the DSLR camera?

As you see, pros almost always use this viewfinder instead of the happy, large, bright, colourful screen on the back. Why?

We almost always use the viewfinder (when shooting stills, anyway) for various reasons. Some obvious, some a little less so.

The first few might not apply to everyone: they can be a matter of taste.

  • The viewfinder shows us the scene before the picture, while the screen in a sense shows us the scene after the picture.
  • The viewfinder, through its diopter adjustment,the tiny little wheel or slider right by where your eye goes,  can be set to your eyesight. That way, no need for glasses, as long as your eyes fall within a certain diopter range (-1 to +3, perhaps).

The rest are simple truths that it would be hard to argue with:

  • The screen sucks power out of the battery.
  • The screen is very difficult to see in daylight.
  • Wedging the camera close to your face (and yes, you need to touch it; that is why it has that cute little rubber bumper) makes it much more steady and stable than holding it in the air.
  • Focusing when using the screen cannot use the focus sensors, so must be deduced from the screen—which is a lot slower.

And there is one more reason,  but it is only important for men. When using the viewfinder you look like a pro!



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