OK… I can do my job again: I have moved to Brantford, Ontario, and am open for business with a newer, larger studio. Need a portrait for LinkedIn or your company web site? Or need a family portrait? Or have a corporate or family event you would like photographed? Or a wedding? Whatever it is, I am here for you: let me quote.  Or if you want to learn: I teach privately, as well as at Sheridan College in Oakville, and I talk at photography clubs.

At the Ex: the Krispy Kreme Donut Burger was great

Please do photograph yourself and your events: life is short and the days pass you by and can never be replaced. The universe had 20 billion years without you; then you and your loved ones get here; then, an infinity of nothing. That blink is everything: photographing it is the way to keep your precious moments forever—and every moment is precious.

Today’s lesson is a reader question:

“Do you use TTL when shooting events? My results are inconsistent with a lot of under- and ocverexposed shots.”

Yes I use TTL, and I am very consistent. How? Read this article: “TTL: 10 problems, 20 solutions”. Practice all that and you know how to get TTL event consistency!

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