Why Lightroom?

I am often asked: “why use Lightroom instead of what I already use? I use Photoshop, Photopaint, Picasa, or some other app, and I am happy with it”.

Good question. But yes, there’s very good reasons to use Lightroom.
They include:

  • Lightroom does non-destructive editing. Your original image, whether it is a RAW, JPG, or any other type of image.
  • Lightroom is great at handling large numbers of photos. I have 200,000 images in my library.
  • Lightroom is a fantastic asset management tool
  • Lightroom is great at workflow.
  • Lightroom is great at quick editing. Yes, you can do it all in Photoshop. But it’ll take you get times longer.
  • Lightroom is a great production tool. Whether it’s prints, web sites, books, slide shows, or files, you’ll save oodles of times with LR.
  • Lightroom was made by photographers for photographers, and it shows.

I have saved 80% of my production time since switching to Lightroom full time. Yes. 80%.

Worth looking at, and worth a lot more than the $150 that Adobe charges… But please don’t tell Adobe that I told you so. 🙂

Come see me for an hour and I’ll show you Lightroom and I promise you that you will be impressed. The best thing since sliced bread, verily.


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