Uh oh

You hear me say it so may times: redundancy. Spares. Backups.

Yesterday I taught a course in Ajax. Flash, advanced. A “Dutch Master Class” seminar and workshop.

Here’s a few photos:





Outside is even more fun:


So I say “A few”. Why, these are in fact the only few I captured.

My assistant packed the bags, due to my tennis elbow. And guess what? She forgot the cameras. All I got was an old 7D.

And guess what day the 7D chose to completely fail?

Yup. Yesterday. Dead. Removing battery, lens, flash, and memory card made no difference. Removing the little 3V memory battery did, but then it failed again each time after one shot.

And that is why you pay for a photographer with plenty of spares and backups. Just saying!



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