A snap or two: Walk!

I do courses and walks, and I organize them using Meetup: see here and check back regularly. New ones to be posted very soon.

My “Dutch Masters” courses and walks are designed to really help you get creative. To allow you to develop a creative vision and to translate that into a photo.

Here’s a few snaps from a recent walk in Oakville, Ontario, with my Sheridan College class:

20160626-1DX_8707-1024 20160626-1DX_8712-1024 20160626-1DX_8722-1024 20160626-1DX_8735-1200 20160626-1DX_8736-1024 20160626-1DX_8741-1024 20160626-1DX_8747-1024  20160626-1DX_8743-1024 20160626-1DX_8762-1024 20160626-1DX_8772-1024 20160626-1DX_8771-1024 20160626-1DX_8776-1024 20160626-MW5D8701-1024 20160626-MW5D8711-1024 20160626-MW5D8744-1024

See how there’s many styles in any area? See if you can spot the compositional techniques I used.

Once you know the technical side of your camera, you can get creative in the way you want. Stay tuned, or contact me for private training, which is very effective in quickly getting you up to scratch,


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