25 March workshop in Toronto

Portrait and Model Lighting – 25 March 2017, Toronto
12 noon–4pm
At CSI, Daniel Spectrum Building,
585 Dundas St East,

This workshop introduces you to all the ins and outs of photographing simple studio portraits. From posing techniques to people skills to party shots, you will learn many essential camera, lighting and composition techniques. From light meters to multiple flashes to umbrellas and other modifiers. Learn positioning, lighting and other techniques so you can start to take your own professional portrait pictures.

All you need to bring is a camera with a standard hotshoe connection (i.e. not most Sony cameras). Your previous level of knowledge is not important, but knowing how to operate your camera in manual mode and knowing how to focus are recommended.

This small hands-on course, with a model supplied, teaches:

  • Getting your flashes off camera: Why and how to use Radio Triggers.
  • Modifiers: Umbrella, softbox, reflector, gobo, snoot, and grid.
  • Camera settings and metering.
  • Reflectors. Light stands. Brackets. Gels. And so on: all the things you need to know.
  • Using small flashes for split, rim, loop, broad and short, and Rembrandt lighting.
  • Working with your model: mood, positioning, interacting, putting at ease, and getting the most out of your model.
  • Make-up: Important notes.
  • Gels for correction, and gels for creativity.
  • “Post”-work for maximum success with minimum effort.
  • Black and white: why and when?

You will leave with the ability to do great work in your own home studio, using simple equipment that gives you professional results.

Click here to reserve your space now. Limited to 10 people.

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