It is cold in Ottawa. Yesterday was -18ºC (0ºF), and that was warmer than the day before.

We get lots of snow, plus this kind of thing:

While I’d rather have this:

Sahara Desert, Libya, south of Ras Lanuf

Or perhaps this:

Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 1980s

All of these environments present problems for cameras, through. Cold, heat +sand, and humidity, respectively.

Always carry a spare battery; keep your camera clean; do not change lenses when there’s dust; and when in the cold, carry your camera back inside within a plastic bag and keep it in that bag until it warms up.

1 thought on “Cold

  1. Ah yes…and all the more reason to switch back to film! The Canon F-1 had an operating temp range of -30C to +60C at up to 90% humidity. The lens movement actually froze before the camera did (I used it in the Arctic and can confirm that!). And, when the battery went dead, the camera switched over to full mechnical shutter, so the only thing you didn’t have was the light meter. That’s the way a robust camera should work! That is one camera I will never let go of!
    Rant complete!

    But in all seriousness, follow that last paragraph that Michael wrote. It’s absolutely paramount to keeping your camera in perfect working condition, regardless of the camera you have.

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