It is easy enough to think “there is no interest here”, “I need to be in Tahiti to take nice pictures”.

Not so. You can take nice pictures everywhere, even of boring things around the house.

Think long lens, or think Macro (in Nikon terms, “Micro”) lens, perhaps. But open your eyes, get close and fill the frame, and have fun.

Home is where you live and what you do. Twenty years from now you will look at the pictures and remember with a smile.

As a photographer you should always remember that today is tomorrow’s “those were the days”.

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  1. and i really don’t like it when a photog says. “theres nothing to shoot.” love that pouring drink photo. happy holidays, michael. thanks for a great 09 and looking forward to the new years blog posts.

  2. Good reminder. Here I am in Bangkok in the blazing hot sun surrounded by exotic sights and beautiful women and I sometimes feel I have absolutely nothing to photograph!

    Seriously, I should use my macro lens more. My Canon 100mm F2.8 macro is the best quality lens I possess. I do not use it enough.

    Happy holidays.

  3. Great close ups! I really like the look in that kitty’s eyes…watch out! I just got a new Nikon 60mm and now I’m interested to see how it will work on my cats. Thanks for sharing some great pics.

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