Back trouble

Back trouble is what I think of when I see what I carry to one shoot. And this is not even all of it:

Michael's Gear - part of it

Michael's Gear - part of it

That contains:

  • Light stands
  • Lighting stuff: speedlites, pocketwizards, etc
  • Big backdrop stand
  • Small backdrop stand
  • Additional Camera gear
  • Backdrops
  • Tripod
  • Strobes

In addition, I carry:

  • Two more cameras
  • Camera bag

So when people wonder why a shoot costs hundreds of dollars, this is why. A photographer is prepared for everything (No power? Then use speedlights. You also want formals? Then I set up the backdrop. One camera breaks? Then I grab another. Long lens no good? Then I use a shorter one. Batteries dead? Then I grab replacements.)

The only problem is my back. Price to pay!


Today, at 10:30, I shoot in an office building in Toronto, on the 35th, 37th and 38th floor. And so far, I have been unable to find an assistant for the shoot, so if you’re interested, give me a call before 10am!

And here is my car. You can probably see why I need that assistant!

Car full of photo gear, ready for a shoot

Car full of photo gear, ready for a shoot

3 thoughts on “Back trouble

  1. Hey Michael,
    I would recommend a few exercises that can help.

    Plank – 2 sets (work up to 60 seconds each)
    Side Plank 1 Set each side (work up to 60 seconds)
    Supermans 10 reps (hold each for 5 seconds)
    Birddogs 10 reps (hold each side for 5 seconds alternate left to right)

    Probably not your point on this post, but these really helped my back trouble. I do them 3 times a week. A strong core makes for stronger lifting!

  2. Looks like a couple trips. You must be in good shape already if you bring all the gear to big shoots like that, not to mention carrying it between floors in the building!
    If you ever have a shoot in Hamilton and need help, I would be more than willing to assist you. Unfortunately, until I get a car, I would need to take public transit to Toronto, and it couldn’t conflict with work at Henry’s, but I would certainly try.

    Jordan Browne

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