Oh daddy…

…I know I shouldn’t have  crashed your plane!

Yasmin Tajik in Nelson, NV

Yasmin Tajik in Nelson, NV

This photo, which I took in Nelson, Nevada of friend and photographer Yasmin Tajik, shows how useful a flash can be when fitted with gels.

I took the picture with a Canon 1D MkIV fitted with a 70-200 2.8 lens and a 580EX II flash. The camera was set to Aperture mode (Av), at f/4 and 100 ISO, which gave 1/320th second when I used -2/3 stop of exposure compensation.

The light was a setting sun.

But the setting sun was not lighting up Yasmin at all. So I used the flash.

But to keep the “golden hour” light quality, I fitted the flash with a Honl Photo Speed Strap and a  1/2 CTO Honl Photo gel.  That made Yasmin look like she was in the setting sun. When in fact she was not.

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  1. Michael, I often use my flash for outdoor portraits. Since I don’t have anywhere to bounce the flash, I often point it straight at my subject. In many cases, I end up having to deal with the oily, overexposed skin highlights mentioned in your previous post. Any tips you could offer to create soft, natural looking skin tone would be greatly appreciated.

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